We are Chris and Jessica. If we’re not boating around Lake Michigan or hanging out with our unruly Shiba-Inu, Sumi, we’re getting lost and traveling somewhere new…most often with little to no notice in advance.


We curated standbytheworld for avid and spontaneous travelers (like us!) who enjoy taking impulsive and unannounced trips around the world, and may not always have the time to plan a trip attentively. With travel being more of a necessity than luxury these days, and work schedules leaving little time for itinerary planning, our hope is that people may find standbytheworld as a resource for quick and easy trip planning.

Our blog is meant to serve as a guide for those not only who have available the frill of “standby” travel, but also for those who have a free weekend to several days at their disposal and seek sudden adventure, either solo, as a couple  or with a group.

Standbytheworld is guides for cities and countries across the globe including:

  1. Places to Stay
  2. Don’t Miss Section
  3. Pre-planned Itineraries
  4. Food & Drink Recommendations
  5. Words and Phrases to Master in the Language of Destination

Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe for updates on new blog posts!

Xx Chris & Jessica

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